We know that your property is unique and your situation is different from everyone else’s.  Would you use the same marketing strategy for a shoe as you would for a soft drink?  Never.  This is exactly why Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate performs a comprehensive analysis for every client before embarking on a marketing and sales strategy.

We look at things like competing properties, the amenities that you competitors may provide to it’s tenants, trends and developments that are happening in your area, overall economic conditions and many other things to decide the best way to move forward.  Our goal is to provide you a customized sales solution that benefit both you and the potential tenants or buyers.

Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate will also make sure to adjust the strategy if something isn’t working as expected.  We know the market is changing and sometimes the strategy must change as well.

As part of the analysis, we will also determine the correct pricing for your property in order to make you competitive.  Even the most attractive properties will sit on the market if the pricing isn’t comparable to  what is around you.

Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate will perform the comprehensive analysis based on the most current information possible and will provide you with unbiased information in order to help you in your decision-making process.

Once our analysis is complete and it is time to move forward, we will strive to maintain completely open lines of communication between our office and you. We want you to be involved in the process as no one knows your property better than you.

Allow us to perform a comprehensive analysis on your property and it’s market.  We feel that it is truly the only way to effectively begin the leasing or sales process.