Scottsdale commerciaScottsdale Commercial Real Estatel real estate is really hot right now.  And we’re not just talking about the weather!  Known as the “Beverly Hills of the Desert,” Scottsdale, Arizona is regarded for it’s small city feel…despite its growing population and popularity. Scottsdale has been ranked as one of the best places to live. And naturally, that makes it a great place for business.  Whether you are interested in buying or leasing, our team at the Menlo Group can set you up with incredible opportunities for Scottsdale commercial real estate.

With an impressive and ever-growing list of restaurants, stores and boutiques, Scottsdale has something for everyone. It is also the home of top-notch schools and one of Arizona’s top employers, with Scottsdale Airpark employing more than 42,000 employees. As a thriving place for business, Scottsdale commercial real estate offers a unique location for you to set up shop.  And, you’d be in good company. Scottsdale serves as the hub for many new and innovative businesses.  These include Yelp, McKesson, General Dynamics and SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center. Not surprisingly, Scottsdale has also been named as one of the best places for entrepreneurs.

Working where you live is the new normal. In Scottsdale, the city is striving to elevate its cache and Scottsdale commercial real estate through redevelopment efforts.  Most notably, you’ll see this with extensive investment in new infrastructure and tourism projects. Adding to the excitement, Scottsdale is slated for more than a half of million dollars in expanding businesses and new companies through 2016.  This is creating some demand to get in where you fit in.

Scottsdale commercial real estate is one of the best real estate investments right now in the Valley. The desirability to live, work and play in Scottsdale makes this market an ideal place to start, move or expand your business. At the Menlo Group, we are experts in navigating the Scottsdale commercial real estate landscape.  We can help you and your business take advantage of this burgeoning market.

If you want to position your business in a place where all the action is, consider looking into Scottsdale commercial real estate.  It’s a great place to do business.  And, if you need tenant or buyer representation, or information on lease and purchase negotiations, give us a call at the Menlo Group.  Our team is dedicated to Scottsdale commercial real estate and meeting the needs of your business. See why doing business in 85251, or any other Scottsdale ZIP code, is just as good, if not better, than the 90210!