When it comes to using a Commercial Real Estate Broker to represent you as an owner or as a tenant, there are probably a lot of questions that you will have. One of the key things that we wantPhoenix Commercial Real Estate our clients to understand is the entirety of the Commercial Real Estate purchase process. Our agents have been trained to not only deliver the best result both from a tenant perspective and an owner perspective.


As a tenant, there is a lot of information that is withheld within a lease that you need to be made aware of before you sign on the bottom line. Are your utilities included? What happens if an essential part of the HVAC system breaks down? Are you going to be the one that is responsible for making sure that these items are covered or should it be part of the lease that you sign? There have been a lot times where we have been asked to review a lease because of an issue that a tenant is facing and unfortunately, the contracts are often unwavering. This is why Menlo Commercial Real Estate agents have been trained to look for every nuance and every detail to make sure that you are getting exactly what you should pay for. We want you to be happy in the home for your new business.


When it comes to owner representation, our goal is to represent the absolute best in Phoenix Commercial Estate. We have clients from all over the valley that have been able to experience the Menlo Difference. We negotiate contracts efficiently so you don’t wait any longer than you should. Our team has executed hundreds of contracts and we know what it takes to deliver on what the expectation of a Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Agent should be. Click here to start your path to success as an owner or a tenant today.