What to look for in an Arizona commercial real estate broker (part 2)

Creating Leverage.

A good Arizona commercial real estate broker will create leverage with his Phoenix area client’s new space requirement or upcoming renewal by lining up several viable space options. This will launch a competitive bid and prevent a Tenant from being held captive by one Landlord because there is not an alternative. This strategic preparation combined with expert negotiations will result in Landlord concessions and incentives that will add value to the company’s budget cost.

Time Management

Arizona Business Executives can attest to the higher demands on their time and their abilities in the marketplace than ever before, and most would agree that spare time is not a readily available commodity. By engaging the services of an experienced Arizona commercial real estate broker, Business Owners in the Phoenix Metropolitan area  can continue to focus their time and energy on growing their business rather than engaging and negotiating intricate real estate transactions.


The art of negotiating in a specific industry is a craft honed over years of transactional work. The successful negotiation of commercial real estate is stressful, consuming, and time-sensitive. Commercial brokers combine their years of experience with their market intelligence to negotiate the best deal in the interest of their client. Arizona commercial real estate is a complex process that can be made a little easier by engaging a commercial real estate broker expert. A broker allows a potential Tenant or Buyer to have their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Phoenix commercial real estate market. Their expertise in negotiation, ability to create leverage, and market intelligence will prove crucial for a business owner looking to relocate, expand, or renegotiate a current lease.
Menlo Group Arizona Commercial Real Estate Brokerage is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage. Our agents specialize in tenant and buyer representation, landlord and seller representation, and real estate advisory services in the Phoenix area and throughout the state of Arizona.

Our active role in the Arizona Commercial Real Estate Broker Community has given us the knowledge needed to provide our clients with the valuable information required to make informed decisions with their own commercial needs. A Menlo Group Arizona Commercial Real Estate Broker has become a trusted source for many banks, attorneys, entrepreneurs, key executives, and medical professionals for our market intelligence and proprietary negotiation strategy.

With a Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate Broker, our mission is to deliver unparalleled value to our clients through service, innovation, and solutions. We are results-driven, people-oriented, and dedicated to excellence.