Finding a quality commercial real estate broker is much like hiring a trusted employee. You want to make sure to find someone who will work hard for you and have the best interests of your company in mind.

Although there are several criteria you should look for in a commercial real estate broker, certainly at the top of the list are their qualifications. What kind of experience do they have? How long have they worked as a commercial real estate broker? In what type of properties do they specialize? What kind of special training have they had?

When researching a broker’s background and credentials, it is extremely helpful to ask your peers and colleagues for referrals. It is especially important to ask why they are recommending a particular commercial real estate broker to you. What was their experience working with this broker? Was the broker knowledgeable? Did they spend time working with them to ensure their requirements were met?

A quality commercial real estate broker should be an expert in negotiations and protecting the interests of their clients. They should also be focused on serving their client’s needs and not have an agenda of their own. That means they should be good listeners and be readily accessible. A commercial real estate broker should also be committed to working only for their client in a particular transaction so there is no possibility of conflict of interest.

The rapport you have with your commercial real estate broker should be one of collaboration and partnership. You will want to find a broker that represents you and your company’s needs. Your broker should also present themselves in a manner that you would expect of any of your employees.  In a word:  Professional.

At the Menlo Group in Phoenix, our team of commercial real estate experts is here to represent you and your company’s needs. We have the qualifications. We have the experience. We are professionals in our field. Let us work for you.

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