Tempe commercial properties provide great opportunities for your business.   There are so many options available for any type of business. So, no matter what you’re looking for in an office space, the Menlo Group can show you Tempe commercial properties that may be just right for you and your business needs.

But once you’ve landed on the perfect space, how do you make it the perfect place for your thriving business? Undoubtedly, you’ll want your new office space to reflect your business brand and objectives. But designing and decorating Tempe commercial properties takes more than just good taste. It actually takes ALL of the senses into consideration! (We know, we just made a play on words by switching from good taste to the sense of taste….you get it, right?).

The reality of how the five senses of SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, TASTE, and SMELL can truly have an impact on how your office functions is really quite interesting. And, it’s also often overlooked. Really, when you think about putting Tempe commercial properties together, most of us think about what they look like…the Sight factor. But if you could design an office to affect productivity, for example, wouldn’t you want to know more about how to do that? We thought so!

Since we’ve already mentioned the sense of SIGHT, let’s start with that. When thinking visually, our natural inclination is to respond to colors. What difference do colors make to productivity? Quite a lot. Think about how colors make you feel. Bright colors, like reds, yellows, and oranges, can make you feel alert. For employees, that translates to higher focus and accuracy. And deep blues give off a calm, serene feeling, which can lead to mental clarity, control, and creativity.

The next sense we’ll discuss is SOUND. Have you ever tried to concentrate on your work when there is someone talking on the other side of a shared wall? Interestingly enough, such sound pollution can cause a dip in productivity by up to 66%! So, when considering shared works paces in Tempe commercial properties, you also need to determine how the sound will travel and if co-workers will be verbally interfering with each other.

The least studied of the senses is TOUCH, but because this sense is associated with the emotion of comfort and warmth (or lack thereof), it is worth considering. Compare how you feel when you walk into a room that is filled with wood and textiles made of natural fibers vs. a room that is comprised mainly of plastic and metal. Cozy vs. sterile, right? Not that all Tempe commercial properties need to be designed with wood paneling and shag rugs, but creating a balance in your workspace would probably be optimal. Even with a more modern décor, you can create a comfortable vibe with artwork or plants, which are known for boosting cognitive function.

Rounding out the senses are TASTE and SMELL. Now, you must really be wondering how these two fit into the picture here. Well, taste may not directly relate to productivity, but it has been shown that what people eat can affect how well they work. Providing healthy snack and catering options can encourage healthy eating. When factoring in smells, you can think about aromas your employees might experience, let’s say, if their desk is too close to the break room. Sometimes the smell of microwaved tuna casserole doesn’t sit well with people. However, there are scents that have been shown to heighten productivity: cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange, and rosemary. Perhaps burning fragrant candles in the office could have an impact.

As you can see (and maybe hear, feel, taste, and smell!), the five senses really can play a part in employee productivity. So, when you’re looking at Tempe commercial properties and thinking about what would work best for you, don’t forget to factor in SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, TASTE, and SMELL. It could really make a difference in how well your employees react to your new digs and how well they do their jobs.

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