seller representationToday’s commercial real estate market can be very competitive. Seller representation is important to getting an edge over the competition. If you want to increase the value of your investment in commercial property, there are many things you can do. Here are some ideas to maximize your property investment:

  • Making simple improvements, even just cosmetic ones, can make your property more desirable and more valuable. There are some simple things you can do that can make a big difference in your property’s appearance.  For example, sprucing up your place by repainting, wallpapering, updating carpeting or flooring, new landscaping or window treatments can attract and increase the traffic of potential buyers or tenants.
  • Consider altering the designated use of your commercial property. Changing the use can dramatically change the value of a property.  If you do decide to make a change, be sure to consider the change carefully. Having solid seller representation can help you analyze and determine what other uses might be more profitable and which ones are possible.
  • Another great way to increase the value of your commercial property is to add amenities. Whether you add a courtyard, covered parking, picnic tables, free wi-fi or even a daycare or a gym, you can quickly plus up the appeal of your property with your target demographic.
  • Naming your property and updating the signage is one of the less expensive ways to improve your property. A carefully chosen name can provide character and charm that indicate local history, the neighborhood or even something about the owner or the building’s purpose. An easily distinguishable property with an identity and prominent signage can make your location more memorable. This can be a great boost in value and attractiveness where a lot of commercial property might look the same.

Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate can give you a complimentary property assessment and help you with ideas to improve your commercial real estate investment. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs. Seller representation is one of our specialties.  Let us put our professional experience to work for you.