Scottsdale commercial real estate can offer some great locations for your business. Once you’ve found the perfect Scottsdale commercial real estate location, it’s up to you to create an office space that not only appeals to your customers and clients, but also to your employees.

Creating an office with a “home away from home” atmosphere can have a great affect on employee morale. When you think about the number of hours your employees spend at your office each day, and multiply that by the number of days worked in a year…well, that adds up to A LOT of hours. Giving your employees a workspace and workplace that makes them comfortable will also give them a positive feeling about being at work and doing their work!

Here are a few ideas for making your Scottsdale commercial real estate workplace more employee-friendly:

  1. Communicate and display your company goals: By clearly identifying your company’s goals, you are helping employees stay focused on the job at hand. Goals can include monthly sales numbers or even how many Likes your company gets on Facebook. You can also outline your company’s service model and core values. Having these key components readily visible is a great reminder about your company’s branding and business practices. Put your display in a highly visible location and make it part of the fun in your office. When employees feel part of the company, they feel more invested in the company and in their jobs.
  2. Create “fun” areas: This can be easily done in a break room or kitchen area. Maybe give it the feel of a favorite coffee shop with couches and cozy chairs. Design the décor to reflect the nature of your business whether it’s contemporary, relaxed, or sophisticated. Just make it a place where your employees want to be when it’s time for a break.
  3. Offer unique employee perks: How about stocking the fridge with bottled water, sodas, or fruit smoothies? Maybe even bring in some fresh-baked cookies around 3pm to get everyone through the rest of the day. Or perhaps bring in a weekly convenience service such as a shoeshine, massage or mini-manicure opportunity. These little extras will certainly make employees feel valued. Sure, adding such perks also adds to the expenses of running your business. But, they may also prevent the added costs associated with high turnover rates.
  4. Upgrade desk chairs: Nobody likes to come to work and sit all day, only to leave work with an aching back. If you want employees to stay healthy as well as happy, ordering new chairs could certainly help in that area. While you’re at it, maybe consider ordering a massage chair or two for the office.

Regardless of what kind of business you’re in or what kind of Scottsdale commercial real estate space your occupy, there is always something you can do to make your work environment more employee-friendly. There’s no doubt about it: Happy employees who enjoy their jobs and where they work also make for more productive employees. Think about the little things you can do to your Scottsdale commercial real estate office. Bet you’ll even enjoy your office more, too!

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