retail spaceIf you’re in the retail market, you know how competitive it is. It’s important that your retail space stands out in order to promote sales.  There are typically two things that will make your retail space unique: layout and design.

Ideas for Retail Space Layout

  1. Make a Good First Impression.  When shoppers enter your retail space, they will quickly decide whether to explore or leave.  The entrance is also known as the decompression area because shoppers pause to get oriented.
  2. Create a Path.  Make sure there is a path starting to the right that will draw shoppers in and where they will get good exposure to your products.
  3. Provide Breathing Space.  Consumer experts have determined that shoppers will avoid walking down an aisle where they might inadvertently brush against another shopper.

Ideas for Retail Space Design

The design of your retail space should be attractive to your target customer.  But, here are some ideas for designing a small retail space that you can adapt whether you’re running a trendy clothing store or a camping outlet.

  1. Use Accent Colors on Walls.   Try painting one wall a bold color that will make the space look larger and attract the eye.
  2. Use Open Dividers, Not Walls.  Certainly, a shopper will be overwhelmed if there is so much to see that they don’t know what to look at first.  Rather than using a solid object to separate sections within your retail space, think of using open bookshelves or fashionable room dividers.
  3. Get Creative with Display Alternatives.  Large display counters take up a lot of room and put a barrier between you and your customers.  Find other ways to display items to make your space unique.  For example, you could display jewelry pinned to a corkboard, or use bold-colored ropes that hang from the ceiling to display clothing.

At the Menlo Group, we are here to help you find the right retail space.  Please feel free to call on our expertise when you need assistance.