real estate consultingSummer is upon us. The kids are home from school and the pace of life is just a little more relaxed. At the Menlo Group, we love summer and think it’s the perfect time to help our clients be productive. Just like the summer, commercial real estate is hot. And our real estate consulting team can certainly stand the heat! With our extensive background, we have the knowledge needed to provide you with valuable information that you need to make informed commercial real estate decisions.

Over the years, our real estate consulting advisors have been involved in hundreds of lease and sale negotiations and have become a trusted source for many local Banks, Attorneys, CPA’s and Medical Professionals for our opinion on property value. Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate offers Advisory Services for:
  • Lease or Purchase Negotiations
  • Lease Analysis
  • Lease Renewals
  • Comparable Market Sale or Lease Reports
  • 3rd Party Opinion of Value

If you are in need of any of these services, our real estate consulting team is available to assist you. We can also assist with some ideas to help keep your kids engaged this summer. Here are a few activities your kids may enjoy:

Day Camp

The Valley has multiple day camps available for your kids this summer. From the local Boys and Girls Club to your health fitness centers, there are day camps open from typical school hours, 5 days a week. This allows you to pursue your real estate needs and real estate consulting to find the space you need by Fall.

Summer School

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean school is exactly over! Your kids can get additional training and education. They can learn a new craft, extend on previous learning or learn new skills. Summer school can be beneficial for any child.

Summer Job

If your kids are 15 years or older, then they can start earning their first paycheck! Summer jobs are fun. They teach responsibility and ensures that your kid is being productive. Even for kids slightly younger, they can volunteer in their community as well.

Take your dog (and kid) to work day.

Mark your calendars, June 26, 2015 is bring your your dog to work day! Depending on where you work, you can also take a day to bring your kid to work as well. Most recently, companies have implemented daycare at work for parents who need it.

Sports Clubs and Camps

Summer brings the opportunity for your child to play their favorite sport. Club sports are extremely popular in Phoenix. Children typically play in summer tournaments hosted out of state, giving you time to focus on real estate. For a list of clubs and camps, click here.

So, whatever your plans this summer for your kids, your family, and your business, keep in mind that our commercial real estate consulting services are at the ready when you are. Contact us at the Menlo Group for more information.