Phoenix commercial site inspections play an extremely important role in the buying or leasing process. Just imagine if you moved into your new office only to find a multitude of problems plaguing the site. And think of what it would be like if your lease dictated that you were responsible for all repairs! Yeah, not a good situation.

You may think that conducting a Phoenix commercial site inspection is an obvious part of the commercial real estate process. At the Menlo Group, it certainly is! We take extreme care to inspect and analyze your business’s potential new home. We want to alleviate any problems so you can move in to your new space with confidence.  That’s the way it should be.  But we have heard of circumstances where tenants have gotten so caught up in the process of moving into their new building, that the site inspection step was completely overlooked. This situation happened with a brand-new building, so it was probably assumed that, because it was new, that everything was in working order. Costly mistake.  Turns out that there were multiple problems with the entire building, and the tenant’s lease required that they pay for fixing everything that went wrong. Ouch.

Our commitment to you is to make sure that everything from the electrical to the plumbing to the A/C is in good working order so you can save many headaches and lots of money. Additionally, we spend the time it takes to prepare a thorough analysis of the office space to help you determine if the square footage and the condition of the property make good economic sense.  It’s all part of our Phoenix commercial site inspection process.

When working with the Menlo Group, we walk with you through the entire commercial real estate process, including your Phoenix commercial site inspection. Our experienced agents know the right questions to ask and what things to look for. If your Phoenix commercial site inspection uncovers any deficiencies, we also know what is critical to ask the landlord to repair now and in the future.

Phoenix Commercial Site Inspection
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