There’s almost nothing worse than getting to a Phoenix commercial real estate location only to find that there is no parking nearby. We’ve all been there. Driving around and around unfamiliar city blocks just to find a spot to park. Makes for an unnerved client, patient, or customer…especially if it makes them late.

Of course, the ideal situation for anyone coming to your business is to have available parking in front of or very near to the front door of your building. Having reserved spots for your business is  even nicer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this could be the case for every single business location?

While ideal, we know that not every property or building is going to be able to offer door-to-door service. How can that be possible if your office space is on the 5th floor? In that situation, it’s possible that there is a large parking lot or even a parking garage to accommodate everyone in the building. No such thing as door-to-door in that case!

Even if your business location cannot provide for parking spaces directly in front of your office door, not to worry. People do understand. But, you will have happier clients, patients, and customers if you are able to at least communicate where the nearest parking places are. Include directions and an easy-to-read map on your website. Make sure that parking instructions are clearly given over the phone when someone makes an appointment. You can even post a sign on your front door with a map to the nearest lot. It’s all about positive and helpful communication. Oh, and if possible, validating for parking is a nice touch.

But what can you do if the parking for your business just isn’t great? And, it’s beyond your control? Just make sure that your business and the service you provide is great! According to a local parking advocate, “If you have a destination with very limited parking and nearly always full parking at your front door, and limited, frequently full, overflow parking a block away, people will generally not let that deter them from patronizing your destination if they like what you offer.”

So, the bottom line when it comes to parking? Offer the very best you can with what you have. Parking for your Phoenix commercial real estate location will be less of an issue if you provide the most excellent products and services around. You’ll be worth it!

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate|No Parking?
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