Phoenix commercial real estatePhoenix commercial real estate earning LEED certification is becoming more popular all over Arizona. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design and is gaining recognition as an elite green building rating program. Encouraging and rewarding sustainable design is the overall goal of LEED certification and includes energy savings, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and CO2 emissions in addition to enhancing employee well-being and company profits. If you are trying to decide if LEED certification would be beneficial for your Phoenix commercial real estate, speaking with our agents at the Menlo Group may be helpful.

LEED certification rating systems offers four levels of certification for new construction, major renovation, interior projects, and existing Phoenix commercial real estate. This includes: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum and is based on the number of points gained in specific categories.  When working towards Leed certification you should create a clear environmental target, set an adequate budget, stick to the budget and the LEED goal, manage for life cycle value, and consider hiring someone who is accredited in LEED certification.

Earning LEED certification on your Phoenix commercial real estate offers several benefits.

  • First, it offers proof to clients and the public that you have achieved specific environmental goals and your building is performing as it was designed.
  • Second, earning certification could allow you to take advantage of local and state government incentives.
  • Third, LEED certification can create additional interest in your company and your project.

Overall the benefits of LEED certification depends on the goals for your Phoenix commercial real estate. If you are interested in the environment and your building is an area where LEED certification is important you may want to seriously consider working to attain this type of recognition. Our agents at the Menlo Group are always available to answer questions and help you determine if LEED certification is right for you and your company.