Phoenix commercial real estate brokersAs your Phoenix commercial real estate brokers, we care about your interests. For many, we are considered the go-to-source for commercial real estate brokerage. Our agents specialize in tenant and buyer representation, landlord and seller representation, investment services and real estate consulting.

We also work to keep you abreast and on top of current industry trends, both good and bad. Among the most recent trends today are fake invoices floating from business to business.

The Latest Scam

Companies in the Phoenix metro area are being hit with fake invoices from hustlers attempting to get a quick buck. How can they get away with submitting fake invoices, you ask? Well, the scammers’ strategy is what many know as low-hanging fruit. They get the easiest money. These hustlers send in invoices with low costs such as office supplies, printing services and other small business expenses.

What You Can Do

As savvy Phoenix commercial real estate brokers, we know that this scam is anything but new. It comes and goes in cycles. Based on the nature of the crime, we recommend keeping a database of all of your vendors and an up-to-date billing system.

Additionally, the Attorney General’s Office has also offered several tips to help business owners identify the ploy:

  • Review all invoices prior to paying them. Check and cross-reference the account number for the vendor listed in your system.
  • Be wary of  strange looking invoices, especially ones that don’t include phone numbers. Legitimate businesses will provide a telephone number and contact information, such as name and address.
  • Confirm orders are legitimate. You can do this by staying organized and streamlining accounting work. Have one or two people who handle invoices. The more hands an invoice touch, the more likely someone may miss an obvious issue.
  • Don’t pay for goods or services until they are received. If you are paying in advance for supplies, don’t. Wait until you receive your orders and then pay.
  • Document all of your invoices. Keep a digital and hard-copy record of all paid invoices.

We’re Looking Out For You

Don’t fall victim to any hustler or scam that may hurt your business. We know how hard you work to keep your interests protected. Our strategic client focus and impressive market knowledge as Phoenix commercial real estate brokers is how we work for you. For more information, visit or contact us here.