office relocationLocation, location, location! Or maybe we should say, “relocation, relocation, relocation!” When it comes to office relocation, there are plenty of factors to consider. Are you upsizing or downsizing? Investing in new technology? Or is location truly everything? Regardless of your reasons to relocate your commercial space, there is a process that must take place, even more important than decision that went into your current space.

When you move into your first office, you consider the bigger issues.  These include space, size, accommodations, and of course, price. But when you’re doing an office relocation, there are additional things to add to your checklist. Transporting and storage of existing files, data storage and being technologically equipped are all things that need to be considered. Ideally, while in the transition of relocating, you want to be able to continue on with business as usual. Here are ways to minimize the daily workflow while relocating.

Assess your needs. Re-evaluate the need to move and if you need to consult with a broker or professional service. This is the time to iron out of the details and decide if office relocation is ideal.

Consult a professional broker. Professional brokers can help you find your next place and help you reduce the problems you encountered in your previous office space. They also help find the best deals and ideal location based on your business. As well, they offer seller representation in case you are selling your current office space.

Plan a moving project team. This team will help with your move and the logistics, ensuring you stay on track. There can be tiers to this project including a group who manages the budget and timeline and a group who can manage the daily tasks associated with the move.

If you are in the process of office relocation, and need more information on properties or seller representation, give us a call at the Menlo Group.  Our team is dedicated meeting the needs of your business.