Mesa Office SpaceHave you considered Mesa office space for your company’s location? You may wonder, “Why Mesa? How does it compare to office space in other parts of the Valley?” At Menlo Commercial Real Estate, we think that Mesa has a lot to offer. Here’s why we think it’s worth your time to contemplate Mesa office space for your business growth:

  • It’s the second-largest city in the Phoenix metro area.
  • There’s more growth options. The city is not “landlocked” on all sides by already established cities.
  • 34% of the workforce has an associates degree or higher.
  • It’s home to companies like Boeing, FUJIFILM, Bridgestone and Banner Health Systems. Also, Apple announced plans to build a data center here earlier this year.
  • All services are exempt from sales tax.
  • There’s no corporate franchise or worldwide unitary tax.
  • Equipment used in manufacturing is also exempt from taxation.
  • Four major highways intersect and, or, border Mesa for easy access to California, Nevada and Mexico.
  • Mesa has two airports – Falcon Field Airport and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. It’s minutes away for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, too.
  • A 20-mile light rail connects Mesa to Tempe, downtown central and north Phoenix.
  • The city owns many acres of land, new development sites and Mesa office space in the downtown area.
  • Qualified businesses located in the Mesa Foreign Trade Zone or sub-zone may reduce or defer tariffs and duties. They’re also eligible for up to an 80% reduction in state real and personal property taxes.
  • Government Property Lease Excise Tax or GPLET, is used to initiate development by cutting a project’s operating costs by replacing the real property tax with an excise tax.
  • A Section 108 Loan Guarantee is an option for business, property owner or a Mesa office space developer who needs financing for development projects.
  • Some of the city’s major industries include – Technology, Education, Healthcare, and Aerospace.

If all of these amazing attributes about Mesa has you thinking, and you would like assistance selecting Mesa office space for your company, contact a Menlo agent or broker. We’re dedicated to keeping your business’ investment secure, protected and properly represented. And, we think you’ll agree that Mesa is a great place to do business!