lease_agreementYou will find that many full-service commercial real estate companies provide owner representation for their clients.  However, here at Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate, we take pride in the way that we set ourselves apart from the rest in owner representation.

Menlo Group CRE provides buyer and tenant acquisition, whether you are looking for someone to rent your property or are looking to sell in order to explore new business opportunities.

Menlo Group CRE treats each property as if we own it ourselves and are committed to creating open lines of communication throughout each sales or leasing process.  We believe that communication is key during any business transaction.  Menlo Group CRE will make sure that you know exactly what is going on and is available to answer any questions you may have.  We treat owner representation as a partnership between you and our experienced group of brokers.

Menlo Group CRE also uses cutting edge marketing strategies to ensure that your property gets maximum exposure on the market. We use various mediums to create a proactive marketing strategies that will reach your ideal audience.

We also recognize and understand that one strategy does not work for every property.  Our innovative team develops target marketing strategies that identify your audience and create solutions that hone in on that audience.  Many commercial real estate companies use the same formula for each client and we know that that does not work.  Each property is different, therefore each strategy for marketing that property must be different.

Importantly, Menlo Group CRE understands that there are difference in being a seller’s agent and a leasing agent or owner’s representative.  We will cater our services to meet your exact needs as a property owner.

Allow us at Menlo Group CRE to be your choice for owner representation.  You can contact Menlo Group CRE here for more information.