Sitting around the Thanksgiving table gives us all cause to reflect on the past year. Especially at Thanksgiving, we think about the things we are grateful for. At Menlo Commercial Real Estate, we are no different. And today, as we recover from our turkey comas, watching football and the Macy’s Parade, and all the fun spent with family and friends, we continue to think about what this year has brought us and why we feel so fortunate.

From a business standpoint, we are grateful for the successes we’ve experienced and the people we have helped. Being in the commercial real estate business gives us a great opportunity to help make dreams a reality. For everyone wanting to grow their business, we feel blessed to have been a part of finding the right space to help them expand. For everyone starting a new business, we share in the joy of helping you discover a place to launch new beginnings.

From a corporate standpoint, we are thankful for our team at Menlo Commercial Real Estate. What an amazing group we have to work with every single day. Our team’s combined experience and dedication to what we do have made Menlo Commercial Real Estate what it is today. And we only see things getting better and better.

Which brings us to the next thing we are grateful for…YOU. Without you, our wonderful clients, we would not be in business at all. You have made our dream of creating a commercial real estate business that serves our clients with honesty and integrity something worth getting up for every day.

At Menlo Commercial Real Estate, we know that you have a choice. We know you can choose to work with any number of brokers and agents. The fact that you have chosen to work with us makes us especially happy as we look back on this past year and the successes we have had together. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future, and we appreciate the referrals you bring to our business. We want to continue our tradition of developing strong working relationships with our clients. We want to continue to help you make your dreams a reality.

Menlo Commercial Real Estate


Truly, these are all things for which to be thankful.