Industrial real estate properties are in great demand in the Phoenix area. We should know! At the Menlo Group, we offer a full range of industrial real estate properties and are on top of the continually evolving needs associated with industrial businesses. With market intelligence, depth of experience, and our vast network in the industrial arena, the Menlo Group delivers a holistic approach to industrial user and investor solutions.

As a Phoenix commercial real estate firm, our commitment to our industrial services clients goes above and beyond what one might expect. Our approach incorporates a blend of high-level, personal attention and service with extensive knowledge of industrial real estate properties. In essence, we serve as a business advocate that provides value-driven solutions while minimizing corporate risk. Our goal is to offer clients long-term industrial real estate advisory services that foster the opportunity for growth and sustainability.

Our industry specialties include the following:


Industrial real estate properties designed for production and manufacturing can require specifications that are as different as the products being developed within them. From heavy industrial to light manufacturing, the Menlo Group works with clients to identify the needs and values for the most economical solutions for Owner/Landlord or Buyer/Tenant.


Pharmaceutical, laboratory, and medical device facilities operate with the dynamics of an ever-changing health system. Based on our experience working with Fortune 500 bio-technology companies, our team understands the policies and requirements that dictate how facilities are used.


With experience working with integrated technologies, fabrication, clean rooms, and laboratories, we have a distinct understanding of the necessary functionality and value required in the realm of micro-technologies.


As the dynamics of the Travel, Defense, Space, and Security industries continue to evolve, we have continued to stay focused on the changing requirements for aerospace facilities. Our experience with aviation contracts, growth, and management gives us the competitive edge in staying on top of aerospace industry needs.


The rapidly changing world of procurement and distribution is causing a variety of cost challenges. As demands increase, so do the opportunities for error and inefficiencies. The Menlo Group understands these challenges and works to find comprehensive solutions.

Food Facilities

Food facilities are under strict regulations set by such entities as the US Department of Health & Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, as well as by corporate retail policies and local health codes. Our experience with several commercial food production/distribution companies has given us a sound base for identifying effective industrial real estate properties that are ideal for food facilities.

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