Gilbert commercial real estate agents at the Menlo Group know the importance of providing good customer service. In fact, at the Menlo Group, our Gilbert commercial real estate agents take customer service to a different level. Because we know that, no matter what your business, providing good–no, outstanding—customer is what sets you apart from your competition.

So how do our Gilbert commercial real estate agents define outstanding customer service? It’s really quite simple. We simply take the Golden Rule….and then we take it a step further. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Service with a Smile: Having a positive attitude can be as simple as keeping a smile on your face, as well as in your voice. Believe it or not, a smile actually shines through over the phone. You can actually tell when someone is smiling on the other end of the line and when someone is not. A positive attitude can also be noticed when you take a “can-do” approach to helping others.
  2. Keep Promises: If you’ve told a client or customer that you will do something for them, keep that promise. It establishes trust and reliability. If you happen to fall back on a promise, find a way to make it up to the other person. Everyone makes mistakes. People understand.
  3. Listen: The best way to help someone and satisfy their needs is to listen to what they’re saying to you. Be genuine when you listen. Show interest. Follow up with questions to get clarification, but then listen to the answers.
  4. Do Something Extraordinary: There is nothing that delights a customer or client more than when you go the extra mile for them. If you exceed their expectations, they will not want to work with anyone else.
  5. Work Together: In the Gilbert commercial real estate business, as in many others, it takes working with clients as a team to be successful. Think of your client or customer as a partner in the job you’re doing together.
  6. Be Knowledgeable: Know your stuff. You want your clients and customers to have confidence in you. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s ok to say so. But then you need to follow up with a promise that you’ll go find out the answer. And you know what we said about promises? Don’t forget to follow through and get that answer for them!

The truth about providing outstanding customer service is that your desire to help others has to come from the heart. You have to be genuine. People can tell when you don’t really care. Our team of Gilbert commercial real estate agents takes great care in taking care of our clients and their needs. We truly believe in taking a positive approach to customer service. We know it’s what sets the Menlo Group apart. We look forward to showing you what we mean! 🙂

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