dental spaceOnce you find the perfect dental space through Menlo Commercial Real Estate, it’s time to focus on the patient experience. How can you design your dental space to instantly put patients at ease? What should you consider for both children and adults?

Going to the dentist can be a scary thing for many patients—of all ages. It’s not just children who feel dental anxiety. There are several things you can do to help your patients feel comfortable during their visit:

  1. It all starts in the waiting room. For children, there can be a special section just for them. It can include children’s books, colorful wall art, or even a TV screen playing cartoons or dental-related animation. Whatever the items are, they should be fun and friendly. This will hopefully ease the little ones a bit.
  2. A dental office is a dental office. There are certain medicinal odors that come with the job. However as much as possible, patients should be greeted with a calming, non-offensive smell, such as warm apples or cinnamon. Without even be aware of it, patients may feel a bit less nervous with a subtle, comforting smell surrounding them.
  3. Most dental spaces have stereo speakers wired into the waiting room and each exam room. The music should have a low volume and be uplifting, pleasant and calming.
  4. In addition to the child-specific wall colors or art in the waiting room, there should be a calming paint color in the exam rooms. A cream or neutral color is good. Studies also indicate that light shades of blues can be calming.
  5. Securing a great dental space that includes large windows or patio doors in exam rooms can also help patients’ nerves. Small patios can include bird feeders and provide sunlight and a sky view, as patients are in the exam chair.

There are certain things you can do to make sure your dental space is as calming as it can be for your patients. Let the team at Menlo help you with the first step of making your patients’ feel comfortable…finding that perfect dental space. Give us a call today. We’ll use our dental space experience and market data and research to put both you and your patients at ease.