commercial real estate tempeCommercial real estate Tempe offers some great options for stylish office space. If you have a well-designed commercial space it is not only easier to lease out, it makes employees happier and more productive. If you think your commercial real estate Tempe might need a new design, it probably does! Here are some things to keep in mind when redesigning an office space:

  1. How are desks and offices arranged? If a hierarchy is important to your company, you might have specific motivation to assign desks, cubicles and offices. Many companies today prefer a more open plan that facilitates collaboration. With this in mind you should consider grouping people by their need to work together to make it easier to communicate. Camaraderie can be built or broken down by the layout of your office.
  2. What is on the walls at your commercial real estate Tempe? If you have old company announcements on gray walls, your employees are not likely to be inspired. Worse yet, there might be nothing on the walls. This sends the message that no one cares enough to invest in making the work environment pleasant and appealing. When people are in a space for 40 or more hours a week, it makes a difference what their surroundings look like. Spend time choosing colors and what you want people to think about when they walk from place to place or look up from their desks.
  3. Do you change things up regularly? You might invest a lot of time and money in a great redesign and freshen up the environment. That is great! But remember that people pay less attention to things they are used to. Small and easy things like changing out bulletin board items and updating displays make people take notice.

If you need some more inspiration, perhaps you could survey your staff to see what ideas they may have.  Getting their buy-in is always a good way to promote morale.  If you need help with your commercial real estate Tempe needs, please contact us here at the Menlo Group.