commercial real estate phoenixCommercial real estate Phoenix seems to have lasting green roots. This is because Arizona rates among the best according to LEED standards for green building and design. We tied with New York for the 10th spot in 2014. Arizona definitely grew in efficiency since 2011. At that time, it held 18th place for sustainable building, according to the Memphis Business Journal.

The LEED council evaluates commercial real estate Phoenix in such categories as materials, water and energy efficiency, sustainability, and location. Points are given in each category for meeting LEED standards. A minimum of 40 points is required to be considered for certification. The highest LEED rank  requires 80 points.

Aside from improving Earth’s health, here’s some more benefit of green building of commercial real estate Phoenix:

  • Sustainably built buildings are usually less costly to run and have great energy performance.
  • Occupants of green buildings are generally happier with their workplace and are more productive.
  • Indoor air quality usually improves.
  • The strain on local infrastructure is less because there is less energy usage. Things like solar panels and energy-conserving windows help.
  • Green building is known to improve aesthetic quality. Some of this is a result of increased natural light and design that fits with the natural environment.

CEO of United States Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi said in a press statement, “Arizona has so many committed business and community leaders, policymakers, and green building professionals who are using LEED to transform their built environment, producing many innovative spaces that will improve the health of our shared planet, as well as the health of the people who use those buildings every day.”

This is a great testament on behalf of Arizona, commercial real estate Phoenix, and future green building here!

The Menlo team is proud of Arizona’s green success. We support commercial real estate Phoenix developments striving for the same standards. If you have any questions about green building in the area, contact us. We are pleased to assist you with your business needs!