There is no question that commercial real estate Phoenix enjoys quite a bit of business success here in the Valley of the Sun. But, bring on Super Bowl XLIX, and you’ve got business success on steroids! No, no…we’re not going there. This isn’t a controversial story about improper performance enhancement. What we do want to expose, though, is just how great the Super Bowl was for our fair city.

Yes, with international exposure and all of the hoopla surrounding the recent match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the game’s winner, the New England Patriots, you’ve probably got a good idea that record sales for local business scored a huge touchdown. With events all across the Valley, including Glendale, Chandler, and Scottsdale, people came from near and far to partake in Super Bowl-sized festivities.commercial real estate Phoenix

Restaurants, hotels, and venues from all over the Valley reported record receipts…despite the rainy weather and some heavy traffic. Metro light rail scored a ridership of approximately 126,000 on the day before the Big Game, which was more than double its previous highest ridership day. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport also came in with record numbers for travelers as Super Bowl enthusiasts departed the day after the game.

Downtown, the figures are equally as impressive. While the city is still crunching numbers on crowd counts and the amount of money spent, there is no question that the digits will be big, according to David Krietor, president and CEO of Downtown Phoenix, Inc.

You can imagine the impact that all of these people had on commercial real estate Phoenix businesses. With visitors dining in local restaurants, staying in local hotels, and shopping in local stores, you just have to imagine that other local businesses felt the love, as well.

With all the excitement and good cheer surrounding Super Bowl XLIX, Phoenix and our local businesses scored a huge touchdown…and the extra point, too! We showed the whole world how you celebrate pro football’s greatest event in true Phoenix style. At the Menlo Group, we felt the excitement, too, as all of the fun was centered right where it should be…in the heart of commercial real estate Phoenix properties.

Way to go, Phoenix! And congratulations to the Patriots on an amazing fight-to-the-finish end!