Commercial real estate professionals are invaluable assets for anyone in the market for a commercial property. Really. We’re not just saying this because we are in the commercial real estate business. We’re saying this because we want to help protect you and your business. Here’s what we mean:

Sometimes, companies think they can make things easier if they bypass using a commercial real estate agent. They think, “if we commercial real estatealready know what we’re looking for, why do we need to engage a third party? If we act as our own leasing agent, we can save some money by not using an agent and split the difference with the landlord. Wouldn’t that make us a more attractive tenant?’ At first thought, that kind of rationale might make some sense. And, in truth, you really would be a more attractive tenant to the landlord. But maybe not for the reasons you would think.

Partnering with a commercial real estate agent gives you credibility. It also prevents an opportunist landlord from taken advantage of you. Without commercial real estate representation, yeah, you’ll be attractive to a landlord, but you won’t get the best deal for you. And, your proposal may not even be acknowledged or taken seriously.  Bottom line:  A landlord may well hesitate to offer a questionable deal when he sees a competent and experienced professional across the table.

A commercial real estate agent does more than just help you find the perfect space to lease. One of the greatest benefits of working with a commercial real estate professional is their ability to negotiate the terms of a lease and any build out provisions. They can also help you seal the deal and get you things that you may not have even thought of on your own.

Having a commercial real estate agent on your side really is good common sense. Even if you’ve had previous experience in leasing property, every transaction is different. Our agents at the Menlo Group have the skill and expertise to represent your needs. If you’re in the market now or plan to be in the future, give us a call. Let’s talk about how we can work together to get you the best deal possible.