commercial real estate officesAre you in the market for new commercial real estate offices because your commute times take away from your quality of life – or your employees’ lives? Have your clients or customers commented about your lack of a centralized location? Long commutes may eventually result in employee turnover, weakened client relations and your staff member’s individual productivity levels, too. You can be proactive and prevent these from happening. At the Menlo Group, we have plenty of options for commercial real estate offices to show you in the Phoenix area.

One factor when selecting new commercial real estate offices is ease of access to major freeways. While you can’t practically satisfy over 100 employees with a relocation that offers everyone a twenty-minute commute, your company’s new location can be near a few different freeways. This may help you when you have your employees coming from Scottsdale, south Gilbert, east Mesa and Chandler for example.

When reviewing new commercial real estate offices, consider the benefits of nearby businesses. If your business or company promotes being healthy and or is in the healthcare industry, it may make sense to review properties that are near a gym or health club. It may also be prudent to keep in mind new commercial real estate offices that are near restaurants and shopping opportunities. Your employees may appreciate the option to leave the office for lunch or to run a quick errand without losing time while driving. Plus, it can be good for your business  if you build client relationships through social activities – like business lunches or dinners. Even if you’re able to reduce the majority of commute times within your company after relocating to a new property, these extra details can help, too.

We know rush hours are bad in every major city. However, you, your employees and your clients don’t need to endure it when they leave your office. Our Menlo agents can advise you as to which commercial real estate offices are best for your business’ needs. Contact us at 480.659.1777, or