Commercial real estate consulting from the Menlo Group can provide the extra support you need for your commercial real estate transactions. Our experience has propelled us to be leaders in the industry. And with our extensive background, we have the knowledge to impart valuable guidance and counsel to our clients so they can make informed commercial real estate decisions.

The Menlo Group offers a wide range of commercial real estate advisory services. By tailoring your overall business objectives, we concentrate on helping you develop and implement commercial real estate strategies in order to make the best decisions possible.

Our approach to commercial real estate consulting is simple: Listen. Understand. Create. Apply.   By listening to our clients, we discover what they want and don’t want. With an understanding of our clients’ needs, we analyze the current commercial real estate market to devise solutions. Coupled with the knowledge we’ve obtained from years of experience, we create a strategy to drive bottom-line results. And then finally, we collaborate with clients to apply that strategy toward their commercial real estate objectives.

Over the years, the Menlo Group has been involved in countless lease and sales negotiations. We believe that commercial real estate consulting involves a strong partnership with our clients to reach sound business decisions. With that mindset, our advisors at the Menlo Group have become a trusted source for many local banks, attorneys, CPAs, and medical professionals. With our comprehensive experience behind us, we have earned a solid reputation for providing expert opinions on property value, lease or purchase negotiations, lease analyses, lease renewals, and comparable market sale or lease reports.

Put your trust in the Menlo Group for all of your commercial real estate consulting needs. As your personal advisors, we will advocate for you and help provide customized, intuitive solutions for your commercial real estate transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting
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