commercial real estate brokersAre you searching for a commercial real estate broker, but wonder what one can really do to help you in your efforts of searching for, buying, leasing and or, selling property? Selecting the right broker is important to your business. Maybe you’ve wondered what’s the difference between what a broker does and what an agent does? In addition to locating property, here’s what a Menlo commercial real estate broker can do for you:

  • Provides buyer and tenant representation.
  • Provides landlord and seller representation.
  • Assesses your needs.
  • Provides investment services and commercial real estate broker consulting.
  • Negotiates details of a contract or lease on your behalf.
  • Negotiates the detail of a build-out of an office space or property.
  • Provides assistance for start-ups.
  • Manages property.
  • Provides lease analysis and renewals.
  • Helps with acquisitions and dispositions.
  • Studies data research to help you determine your best buying/selling options.
  • Conducts investment and portfolio analyses.
  • Provides third-party opinion of value.
  • Assists with office relocations (leases and purchases).
  • Creates strategic marketing services that are customized for every client (sellers).
  • Works with seller’s legal counsel.
  • Builds relationships with prospective buyers.
  • Handles closing details with efficiency.

Here’s some ways that our commercial real estate brokers may stand out from others:

  • We advise on best facilities and offices that support medical, manufacturing, micro-technology, biotechnology, aerospace and logistics industries.
  • We communicate directly and honestly.
  • We note careful attention to details.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We work for you and your best interests.

At the Menlo Group, we believe you enter a partnership with us when you choose to work with us. Each commercial real estate broker on our staff reflects this in their interactions with you throughout the process. We care about getting you the best deal. As such, we treat every property and contract as if it were our own.

Contact one of our commercial real estate brokers if you have questions or are interested in learning more about how we can support you with your commercial real estate needs.