commercial real estateCommercial real estate can be an important piece of an attractive employee benefits package. Location does matter. Shorter commutes for staff often translates to less turn over later. Proximity to medical facilities and gyms definitely makes things easier for employees. The same can be said for a company near eateries and cafes for easy lunch-hour access. Many workers enjoy space that allows them ease of productivity, collaboration and creative freedom. Consider your commercial real estate options wisely. At the Menlo Group, we are here to help.

Beyond the ideal commercial real estate location, here are some other popular employee benefits to consider:

  • Medical insurance, including dental and vision plans.
  • Self-funded healthcare options and business health insurance.
  • Generous vacation time allowance – better than the standard two weeks to start and three weeks after five years.
  • Competitive offering for maternity leave – 6 months vs. 3 month, for example.
  • Telecommuting options.

The kinds of benefits that employees want are the kind that adds to their ability to enjoy their everyday lives, as well as their jobs. If they know that they and their families will be taken care of, they are much more likely to stay working at one company. It certainly is an incentive, anyway.

Of course, more than anything employees want to feel valued and appreciated. From well-chosen offices to healthcare options and generous vacation time – these can demonstrate that you recognize their worth. However, acknowledging them personally and the work they do is a vital step towards creating what can be a formidable workforce.

As your experienced team of commercial real estate advisors, we at the Menlo Group hope that this information is helpful to you as you work to improve how you do business. Should you have questions about your current lease or are looking to relocate your offices in the future, we are pleased to help you. You can contact us here.