commercial property for saleWhen looking at commercial property for sale, it helps to have an idea of how your ideal office space would look. A property in a good location, with parking and other desirable amenities, may seem perfect until you move in and realize the layout does not work for your business. One of the first questions to answer if you are searching for commercial property for sale is whether the open office concept or an enclosed office design is right for your business.

Open/Creative Concept Office

An open office design is ideal for companies that work on team model. When team members share an open space, they are able to easily communicate and collaborate on projects. Sales or design teams may benefit from an energetic and dynamic work environment. If your company culture is a bit more casual or laid back, an office with open space can help create and support that atmosphere. If upper management uses an open office it can create a sense of transparency and approachability that many employees appreciate.

Individual Enclosed Offices

Every business has aspects of operations that require a level of privacy. For example, an open office is not appropriate for a human resources department. There are certain industries that require privacy for nearly all departments and employees. In the legal, medical, and dental industries, your clients and patients need to know their communications are private and secure. The ability to speak freely about sensitive information is simply not available in an open office.

Combination Layout

A commercial property for sale that can accommodate a combination of open workspaces with enclosed offices may allow you to have the best of both worlds in your new location. When you have the opportunity to use both open and enclosed offices, you can set your space up in a few different ways. For example, your could have collaborative departments, such as sales or marketing, utilize the open space while the enclosed offices could be available for human resources, writers, or other staff that may require quiet and privacy.

Finding the best location for your business can be a difficult and intimidating endeavor. At Menlo Commercial Real Estate, we have years of experience in the Phoenix commercial real estate market. Whether you are looking for an office building, medical building, or other commercial property for sale, we will be happy to put our experience and expertise to work for you and your business. Contact us today to get started finding the perfect location for your company.