commercial office spaceTrends in commercial office space are often changing. This is especially true in today’s world of advancing technology. The innovations discussed here will not only add value to the property you buy, but it will make it easier to strategize new designs and plan for growth.

A Growing Demand for the Internet of Things
What is the Internet of Things, or IoT? It includes any hardware connected to the Internet. It could be a remotely controlled A/C unit or auto-locking doors via an app, web-ready television consoles, or all of the above. You can imagine how the use of IoT-powered audiovisual systems can make meetings between global offices or clients more convenient, efficient and cost effective. And there are associated energy saving advantages, as well. While options for IoT technology is expected to become more available among new buildings, IoT opportunities for existing buildings should follow suit in time.


Virtual Reality

You may soon have the option to view physical landscape through virtual reality (VR) or a digital 3D world that doesn’t exist in our physical environment or through augmented reality. The latter, also known as AR, is a way to view reality with digital components overlapping into the physical environment. Both could stealthily make their way into commercial office space. These would make remote office tours, office renovations or redesign possible. There are other benefits, too. Businesses could make more efficient and realistic projections for mapping out in-office growth, as well as take extra care against possible fire hazards presented in 3D mock-ups of the building’s design.

These are exciting times for the commercial real estate industry. With the ever-changing world of technology, opportunities for businesses and property owners are increasing. If you have any questions about commercial office space in the Phoenix metro area, contact us at the Menlo Group. You can reach us at 480-659-1777 or by email –