commercial leasingThe commercial leasing process can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. But when working the Menlo Group, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in commercial real estate services that cater to both tenants and buyers. We also understand the importance of finding the right place for your business, clients and employees.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, reduce costs or renegotiate terms of your current lease, you need a one-stop firm to meet your specifications. Our knowledge of the market and the commercial real estate industry enables us to find the perfect location for your business and negotiate the best deal for your commercial leasing needs. We’re all about client service. And, we work hard so you can focus on your clients as well as your employees. We know that, like you, your employees appreciate great benefits. With that in mind, we thought we might share a few of the benefits that employees today are looking for from their employers.

What Benefits Do Employees Want?

Massages and gourmet food are nice but employees really value more life-essential perks. This includes great medical insurance that also provides dental and vision plans. Employees also want life insurance and retirement policies. Paid vacation time, sick time, and flexible scheduling are key factors employees look for, as well.  This includes extended and paid maternity leave as well paternity leave. These days, it’s all about work-life balance.

A 2014 Mercer survey states that employees also value bonuses and more time off. Adding more money into retirement accounts and decreasing healthcare costs also made the top of the list. What are the benefits employees considered less important? Gym memberships, carpool subsidies and tuition reimbursement. As an alternative to gym memberships, for example, some employers are opting to create areas in the office to use as a mini-workout room or quiet place to relieve stress.

If you are not sure what benefits you should provide to your employees, ask them!  Poll your employees to see what is meaningful to them. We take this same approach when working with you and your commercial leasing needs. We want to make sure we are on track to get you want you want, too. Contact us today for more information about how the Menlo Group can benefit you.