commercial industrial real estateToday’s top industrial real estate investment opportunities are offering more financial rewards than ever. The current trends in commercial industrial real estate trends in 2016 show growth prospects and long term stability in equitable industrial properties. As a result, the Menlo Group is working with more interested investors locating choice properties, minimizing the search for the ideal asset.

Why Commercial Industrial Real Estate?

Many investors consider industrial real estate for rental income to produce higher annual returns.  It’s one reason we take the time to formulate the best strategy for purchasing a positive cash flow investment, and why investors prefer to work with a reputable company like the Menlo Group.  Industrial property well positioned in the current market is ideal for distribution facilities, especially with access to transport roads and adjacent to the centers of commerce.  Today’s changing market and increased supplier demands for industrial bulk and service warehouse space is encouraging such investments.

The market activity continues to show slow and steady recovery from the past high rate of vacancies with moderate to lower prices on these properties.  It’s creating an opportunity for investors as vacancies diminish in the industrial commercial real estate market. Our recommendations are based on properties with long term and consistent history for renters with acceptable credit profiles.  In the long run, it’s our thoroughness that can help to get you results reflecting the current industrial investment outlook.

Making Wise Decisions

Risks are inherent in business. It’s impossible to avoid them. But we’re able to help manage and reduce them for you.  2016 is set to be an investor’s year, and the key is identifying quality properties for investment with the potential rent capacities in a market already starting to move upward again. The commercial industrial real estate markets are prepared to meet these demands and reap the benefits of moderate rent inflation.

Overall, the investment market looks strong for industrial property investment, especially here in Phoenix.  As well, employment opportunities are looking up, encouraging manufacturing growth in the area and the need for more industrial space.  Investors considering investing in the commercial industrial real estate market will gain from the current high caliber tenants based here.

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