vacant commercial real estateVacant commercial real estate comes with many opportunities to expand on your business interests. However, there are many factors to weigh in on before you commit financially to a property. At Menlo Commercial Real Estate, we are here to help you make the best choice for your business or investment.

Location & Zoning

The metro Phoenix area has grown and continues to do so. This is good news, but the location of vacant commercial real estate is a key factor in how you can use the property. Will it be used for retail, manufacturing, medical, or industrial purposes? Zoning laws will determine how and where you’ll establish your business. After this is determined, you’ll want to select a lot that is convenient to your customers and vendors. Accessibility to highways or railways may be a factor, too.

Condition of the Property 

When looking at vacant commercial real estate, assessing its condition can help you decide if it is a viable option for your business. If it requires some work, you will want to consider whether your budget allows for any repair work to be done.

Long-term Plans

Will this vacant commercial real estate satisfy enough parking spaces for the business(es) you plan to establish at the desired location? Is there also enough real estate for you to expand down the road? Knowing your long-term vision for your business and the property can also be a deciding component when looking at vacant commercial real estate.

Upon choosing the best property for your business objectives, do your homework. Review these business goals and ask yourself if the vacant commercial real estate you chose will fulfill and or, further your objectives. After doing this, hiring trusted advisors will ensure that no detail is overlooked. Brokers, appraisers, and environmental analysts can help you determine the sound condition of the property, its prior use, as well any liability matters. Additionally, it’s prudent to make sure that there aren’t any possible changes in neighboring properties that could negatively influence your businesses value.

Our team of experts at Menlo Commercial Real Estate can help you find the best vacant commercial real estate for your business goals. We will work with you to ensure your property investment experience is as seamless as possible. You can reach us at 480.659.1777 or email us at with any questions you have.