Chandler offic spaceWhether you’re working in the hustle and bustle of Downtown or in your Chandler office space, maximizing your day is important. As commercial real estate professionals, we work hard to make sure your office space needs are met. At the Menlo Group, we focus on all aspects of commercial real estate. From seller representation to transactions and finding the right office space, we specialize in a variety of commercial real estate.

We intimately know the Metropolitan Phoenix area and are dedicated to providing top client service. Right now, Chandler is a booming sub-division of the Phoenix area, with great commercial real estate growth. If you are looking for a Chandler office space, we understand the market and are happy to assist you in your search.

We also understand the demand of the work day and the challenge of finding time to stay fit if you’re putting in extra hours. Between work meetings, dinner meetings and hours spent at the computer, time can quickly become limited. Here are some suggestions to keep you active in the office while still maintaining focus on your work:

Squats and Lunges

This intermediate workout will get your heart racing in no time. Do up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions for your standard squat and 3 sets of lunges. Your quads will feel the burn! Best of all, you won’t sound out of breath if you get an important phone call.

Ab Workout

The medicine ball is quickly replacing the work chair amongst some of today’s workers. Sitting on a medicine ball improves your posture and strengthens your core. You can also use the ball for a quick ab workout. It will change the dynamic of your office space!

Upper Body

For this effective workout, you can bring 5lb dumbbells to your office or use two full water bottles. Do your standard bicep curls, tricep curls. You can also use your chair and do arm dips. This exercise works the core and arms.

Stair Master

If your building has multiple floors, take the stairs on your break or during lunch. This is one of the easiest ways to get a small amount of cardio in for the day. Did you know by walking up one flight of stairs, you burn up to 15 calories? Add 4 more and you’ve already burned 60. Not a bad start to your day.


Daily stretching is highly recommended by trainers and physicians as these movements keep you limber and toned. Stretching your muscles prevent tight muscles, cramps and relieves stress. Stretch for about five minutes in the morning and five minutes before the end of the day. A mid-day stretch isn’t a bad idea, either to stay loose and alert for that 2pm meeting.

Working out at work has never been easier. And by working with us, finding your next Chandler office space will be just as easy. We lay the groundwork and provide top commercial tenant representation. For questions, contact one of Menlo commercial real estate experts today.