How your Arizona office space looks is as much a reflection of your business brand as your wardrobe is a reflection of your own personal style. When you enter a room, what do you want people to think about you? If you’re wearing a conservative business suit, you will most likely be seen as a serious professional.  Wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers, on the other hand, can give off the impression that you are more casual and relaxed. Choosing how you dress, and making those first impressions, can make a huge difference in how others perceive you.

The first impression that clients, patients, and customers have of your Arizona office space also says a lot about who you are and the image you are trying to convey about your business. Your office decor projects your specific “brand”, and can speak volumes about what you want others to think about you and your product or service.  (As an aside, having an attractive office space can also make the workplace more appealing to your employees and help them feel positive about where they work.)

Need to think of this concept more visually? Let’s take a look at options for a dentist office. Ultimately, a dentist wants to be seen as competent and professional. But if a dentist has a sleek, modern office, for example, it might convey an image of being up-to-date on all the latest dental procedures and having the most modern equipment to work on patients. Going in another direction, a classic, traditional office decor could suggest a trusted practitioner with years of experience. Both looks satisfy that objective of presenting a competent and professional image, but they each put a different spin on the impressions that they make.

What you want to avoid when designing your office decor, is plain, standard, and boring. Although it may seem like an added business expense, you should consider factoring in some kind of office “dressing” into your budget. Hiring an interior design consultant can help you determine an appropriate look for your your Arizona office space, as well as work with you to keep your costs down when choosing specifics for your office decor.

As well, if the appearance of your current Arizona office space is old and outdated, then it’s definitely time to think about a redesign. Sagging sofas and stains on the carpet don’t send a very positive message about how you do business.   Clients might think, “Gee, if they can’t take care of their office, can they take care of me?” Even if it’s changing out a couple of chairs or painting an accent wall in a more contemporary color, there are some cost-effective things you can do for a quick update. Again, an interior designer could be helpful here.

One final note about your Arizona office space: Whatever your company’s style, whatever your business’ brand, you’ll want to think of  your office decor as your business’s “business attire”.  Whatever best reflects your company’s image, you’ll want to dress your Arizona office space for success!