Arizona commercial real estateArizona commercial real estate is abundant. Ironically, if your company offers telecommuting options–or plans to–you may not need as much office space as you think. Obviously, this can lower your overhead. However, the amount of square feet you need may depend on the number of telecommuters you do have or plan to employ. You should consider investing in an Arizona commercial real estate that allows you to customize flexible workspaces for your telecommuters.

Here are some of the detailed benefits you can reap, when a portion of your staff telecommutes. They are as follows:

  • Reduced use of utilities – particularly power.
  • Less need for building maintenance of your Arizona commercial real estate.
  • Decreased need for security.
  • You can use it as a recruitment tool.
  • Less expense put toward parking space on your Arizona commercial real estate.
  • According to a Kenexa Research Institute survey, employees who telecommute are more likely to be proud of their employer and trust their supervisors  are being honest with them.
  • Reduced IT expenses.
  • Offering this option can help you meet government regulations. Telecommuting is sometimes necessary for people with disabilities, who may find daily commuting problematic.
  • Employees who telecommute had lower blood pressure, sleep better, and are overall healthier, according to a Cochrane research review.
  • You’ll spend less on office furniture, supplies, etc.
  • Your company will experience lower turn-over rates.
  • Your company is helping to lower auto emissions that diminish the air quality.
  • You may experience workers calling in sick much less often.
  • Telecommuters report having more job satisfaction.
  • Your company can experienced increased productivity levels.

We know purchasing Arizona commercial real estate is a major business move. The above points should help you reach a decision more easily. Should you have questions about types of properties, we are glad to assist you! You can contact the Menlo team at 480.659.1777 or email us at