Arizona Commercial Real Estate
Arizona Commercial Real Estate

Arizona Commercial Real Estate can be “green,” but what does that really mean? According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), there are several rating systems to signify how environmentally friendly a building is. These include building design and construction, interior design and construction, and building operations and maintenance.

But why should Arizona Commercial Real Estate go green? What are the advantages? Here are a few:

  1. Sustainably built buildings are usually less expensive to operate and have excellent energy performance.
  2. Occupants of green buildings are generally happier with their work environment and have improved productivity.
  3. Indoor air quality usually improves with green building practices.
  4. The strain on local infrastructure is less because there is less energy consumption. Things like solar panels and energy-conserving windows help with this.
  5. Often green building is known to improve aesthetic quality. Some of this is because there is generally increased natural light and design that fits with the natural environment.

Questions to ask when looking for green Arizona Commercial Real Estate include; what are the building materials made of, are they non-toxic, were they or are they available locally made and what is the best way to maintain the building materials and features? Getting answers to these questions can help to determine just how “green” a building or a project is.

Arizona Commercial Real Estate can feature things like Energy Star products, FSC certified wood, hardwood or bamboo flooring, recycled rubber roofing, natural clay earth plaster, and even 100% un-dyed, un-treated wool rugs. All of these things can contribute to an environmentally conscious commercial space.

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