Arizona commercial real estateArizona commercial real estate is getting noticed for being green. The Muppets’ Kermit the Frog says it’s not easy being green, but apparently that isn’t an issue here in the Grand Canyon State.

According to an article in the Phoenix Business Journal, our fair state placed 10th in 2014 in the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) annual Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification rankings. It’s the first time that Arizona commercial real estate made the council’s list. This list, which comes out annually, ranks states based on the per-capita square footage of LEED-certified spaces built in a particular year.

To earn the LEED certification, the council evaluates buildings in such categories as materials, water and energy efficiency, sustainability, and location. Points are given in each category for meeting LEED standards. A minimum of 40 points must be earned to be considered for certification. The highest LEED rank is Platinum, which requires 80 points.

Under the guidelines set by the U.S. Green Building Council, 82 Arizona commercial real estate projects were LEED certified in 2014. The square footage of these 82 projects totaled 11.2 million square feet. This qualified Arizona to receive the 10th-place designation, tied with New York at 1.74 square feet per-capita of LEED-certified space.

In a press release, Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and founding chair of USGBC, stated “Arizona has so many committed business and community leaders, policymakers, and green building professionals who are using LEED to transform their built environment, producing many innovative spaces that will improve the health of our shared planet, as well as the health of the people who use those buildings every day.”

What a great endorsement!

At the Menlo Group, we applaud Arizona commercial real estate for making the USGBC’s list as the 10th greenest state in the nation. If you are interested in being part of the green initiative with your Arizona commercial real estate property, give us a call at the Menlo Group. We want to help you make your building the best it can be.