8 Traits of Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Brokers that Dominate:

According to nationally renowned commercial real estate author Rod Santomassimo, there are 8 traits you should look for in finding a Phoenix commercial real estate broker that ‘dominates’.

Below is a brief summary of those 8 traits to ensure that your Phoenix commercial real estate broker is qualified to work for you:

D-Discipline is crucial in a broker that dominates. The broker must be disciplined enough to strategically plan and create systems that look out for their client’s best interests.Gears

O-Oriented to their client in building their client’s success. A Broker that dominates stays within their specialty or market niche, cooperates with other brokers, and does not short change their client by not exposing them to all of their opportunities.

M-Market Presence is critical. A Broker that dominates is known in their submarket. They have many word of mouth referrals; they are actively marketing to the masses through print and digital avenues including social media.

I-Industry/Geography focus turns a broker that dominates into an expert. Just as a cancer patient wants a doctor that specializes in the exact cancer that they have, you should have a broker that specializes or dominates in an industry type; be it office space, industrial, or retail.

N-Navigating their commercial brokerage with the end in sight. A Broker that dominates has the vision to see their career in 5 or 20 years and surrounds themselves with support staff and resources to form a professional team that will grow and succeed together.

A-Assertive brokers are brokers that dominate. You know what they say about excuses…a broker that dominates doesn’t make them.

T-Team is the key to finding a good broker. A broker that dominates should have the proper support in marketing, the transaction process, and information gathering to provide an assistance the client needs.

E-Entrepreneurial approach to their business and yours. A Broker that dominates thinks and acts like an Entrepreneur because they are one. They think and act like a CEO.