commercial leasingEntering the commercial leasing landscape can be a smart business decision.  But, as you can imagine, there are a number of things to consider when signing up to be a landlord.  One of the most important, however, is how to attract the best tenants for your property.  At the Menlo Group, our team has worked for many years representing commercial real estate owners.  With our background and experience, we make a point of investing our time and talent to finding the best tenants to meet your needs.

As our economy continues to rebound and grow, there are many new opportunities to find tenants who are going to be a good match for you and your property.  It’s about finding quality over quantity.  As we all know, quality tenants stay longer, are easier to work with and help to drive new tenants to your location.

At the Menlo Group, using innovative strategies helps us find the best tenants. Our team is committed to utilizing today’s cutting edge technology in property marketing. This way, we can ensure maximum exposure to the market. Our proactive marketing reaches your property’s ideal audience through a variety of mediums.  However, we understand that the same strategies do not work for every property on the market.  That’s why we customize our marketing solutions based on the specifics of your location and your particular business requirements.

When it comes down to it, our bottom line is helping you with your bottom line.  We want to make sure that we find the best possible tenants for your property so that your commercial leasing transaction and relationship will go smoothly.  Through open communication and expert negotiations, our goal is for both parties to achieve satisfaction for all concerned.  After all, when both tenant and landlord are happy with the situation, it can lead to a long-lasting, positive commercial leasing experience.

Contact us today at the Menlo Group if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your tenant search.