Some commercial building features appeal to top corporate tenants who appreciate excellent craftsmanship. Most tenants take care of any rental property they occupy, pay rents in a timely manner, and notify property managers instantly whenever there’s a problem that requires urgent attention. But finding such top-notch tenants is never an easy task. Thankfully, you can attract responsible tenants by equipping your commercial building with features that appeal to them.

Commercial Building Features That Corporate Tenants Covet

Here are the 10 building features that top-notch corporate tenants can’t resist:

1. Easy Access in/out of the building
Business owners and employees understand the value of time and how it can make or break a business deal. Many employers won’t be happy with the idea of their employees leaving twenty minutes earlier just to make sure they catch the elevator to avoid missing an important business meeting. This is exactly why you should have easy access in and out of your commercial building. If you have an elevator that’s usually congested, or a parking lot that is hard to navigate, chances are it will make your building a turn off for many top corporate clients.

2. Move-in ready condition
Corporate tenants often spend a huge sum to relocate their businesses. They are often on the lookout for how to cut costs reasonably. A corporate property in a ready-to-move-in condition is always appealing to them. Cleaning, painting, flooring and other upgrades can discourage clients who are interested in relocating their businesses and hit the ground running.

3. Fitness facility
Many businesses are now investing in their employees’ wellness. This is exactly why a fitness facility makes this list. Employees who enjoy working out at the gym often appreciate the convenience of having a gym in the same building as their work. Working and exercising in the same facility saves travel time and the cost of a gym membership. The best part? Exercise facilities help employees maintain a better work-life balance. Employers also benefit too as workers who use the gym regularly are less likely to use sick days.

4. DAS Systems
Distributed antenna systems commonly known as DAS systems are among the leading features that attract corporate tenants to commercial spaces. The system is a series of antennas that provides wireless coverage in a building. Commercial building with DAS systems guarantees that employees are less likely to experience drop calls as they perform several different tasks anywhere in the building; employees will enjoy overall better connectivity with very few dead zones. Having DAS systems installed in your building will make it more appealing to clients.

5. Communal Kitchen or Cafeteria
Good food is a key part of survival and it should never be overlooked as one of the key parts of your corporate property. A communal kitchen for tenants to make their own food is a great idea as well as a cafeteria where employees can buy cooked meals. Whatever you choose, business owners and employees will appreciate not having to leave the building for food.

6. Outdoor gathering spots
Business owners and employees often enjoy a break from the office without leaving the building premises. Some fresh air on the rooftop deck, atrium garden, outdoor green spaces, or gardens can do the trick. Many business owners often lookout for features that allow their employees to heave a sigh of relief away from the pressure of their daily tasks. If you want your commercial property to be more appealing to corporate tenants, create outdoor gathering areas tenants will be glad to have.

7. Natural Lighting
Natural lights brighten the atmosphere and makes people feel livelier. Bright work places are always happy work places. This is one of the reasons why natural lights is such a huge asset for companies. If your commercial space has large windows and skylights, business owners will be glad to rent your space. This is because it will make long days at work more energetic. Consider natural lighting as one of the key features that attracts corporate tenants and you’ll be on the winning side.

8. LEED Certification
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was created to assess the environmental performance of a building and promote market transformation towards organic designs. A LEED-certified building is energy efficient and can significantly reduce utility costs. Several studies have shown that employees’ productivity levels and morale are often higher in a LEED-certified building.

9. Multiple commuting options
Many employees are constantly seeking for better ways to commute so business owners are not only looking for spacious parking lots, they are also considering easy access to public transport. Demands are rising for commercial buildings with bicycle storage and outlets for charging electric cars. Business owners are also considering locations that are easily accessible via bus and subway.

10. Child care center

It’s extremely difficult for some employees to stay focus at work when they have a child at a daycare center. Many employers are aware of this situation and they understand the bond between parents and their kids. Having child care in your corporate facility makes the building more appealing to business owners and employees with toddlers. Knowing that their kids aren’t far away, gives parents the confidence and peace of mind to focus on their daily tasks.