Every wise retail buyer will see the value of a collaborative real estate specialist. A retail real estate specialist protects the interests of the buyer to ensure ambitious but fair outcomes— whether listing or leasing.

Menlo’s core values personally connect each client to winning ends, for the continuing success of every client’s business. Our retail real estate specialists comprehend the full spectrum of properties and services, from shopping centers and individual storefronts, to pop-up shops, “big box” stores—protecting both the client’s investments of time and capital, while mapping a route which avoids the professional pitfalls.

We represent every property that pertains to consumer goods and services, and we commit to ensure the most beneficial future for the clients we steward.

We specialize in Retail Commercial Real Estate. Complete access to all property information—and our focus on geography—ensures we are aware of all deals on and off the market. You come out on top.

We Save You Money! What is your time worth? If you collect on average $900,000 per year, then your hourly is approximately $432 per hour. $432 x 45 hours (the average amount of time it takes to complete a transaction)= $19,471 in saved time.

We are expert negotiators! We have taken MBA level negotiation courses and received the highest level of certifications. We build upon that knowledge through continuing education and workshops.

We Know the Market!

We spend over $25,000 a year in market data and research. We know the data!

We Do Deals!

Over the last 12 months, we have completed hundreds of transactions and continue to help our clients receive additional market concessions including free rent, tenant improvements, and lower rates.