1. Pros & Cons of Leasing Vs. Owning

    ADVANTAGES OF LEASING Location- Leasing can allow a user to occupy space at a premier location, or in a synergistic multi-tenant environment, that the user otherwise couldn’t afford. Flexibility & Mobility- Leasing can provide greater flexibility to a user who many need to expand or contract, …Read More

  2. Real Estate Developer Opportunities In Phoenix

    For a real estate developer, Phoenix, Arizona represents a great opportunity to locate and invest in commercial projects due to the current and projected population growth. Phoenix is at the center of the fastest growing metropolitan region in the United States with a population of more than 4 milli…Read More

  3. Tenants For Retail Commercial Real Estate

    As you prepare to lease out your retail commercial real estate to a new tenant, the issue of attracting good tenants will arise. The most crucial step to attracting good tenants is to hire an experienced retail commercial real estate agent. The process for finding a great tenant is the same for find…Read More

  4. Commercial Property Agents | Childcare Properties

    Daycare and preschools represent a popular option for many new entrants into the market and seasoned owners looking to expand. Do these businesses have any special property requirements? Yes, and it is highly recommended to consult with experienced commercial property agents prior to signing a lease…Read More

  5. Retail Real Estate Selection

    Selecting the right retail real estate location for your business is a critical decision for your success. While the thought of occupying a low rent retail space might be tempting, it isn't always the best answer. There are several other factors that come into play when choosing retail real estate. …Read More

  6. Commercial Real Estate Offices | Great Landlords

    If you are a landlord of commercial real estate offices, you are likely to want successful, satisfied tenants who readily agree to extend their leases. The following tips are some simple ways to ensure tenants remain satisfied with their space. Offer a Welcome Package It sounds almost too simple, bu…Read More

  7. Purchase Or Rent Commercial Property | Considerations

    If you are seeking to purchase or rent commercial property, you may want to look at appropriate spaces in both new construction and existing buildings. There are definite advantages to both options. Here are some things to consider as you work with your commercial real estate agent. Existing propert…Read More

  8. Commercial Space For Rent | First Time Renters

    You're ready to take your business to the next level. This means renting out professional commercial space in a retail, medical or office building. It's an exciting time. But it's also a time that requires research. You want to make sure, especially if you've never searched for commercial space for …Read More

  9. Commercial Land For Sale | Letters Of Intent

    Depending on the type of commercial land for sale, a letter of intent (LOI) may have other names, including memorandum of understanding, term sheet, binder, agreement in principle or commitment letter. Despite the name, its functionality is the same: to outline the primary terms of the transaction. …Read More

  10. Commercial Buildings For Sale | Financing

    There are plenty of commercial buildings for sale throughout Arizona, and we at Menlo Commercial Real Estate can help you find the perfect office towers, retail spaces, warehouses and medical office buildings in which to invest your dollars. But you face another question when looking for the right c…Read More