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Industrial Solutions:

In a world that is constantly changing with product demands, the production and logistics of those products are equally changing. With market intelligence, depth of experience, and vast Industrial networks, Menlo Group delivers a holistic approach to industrial user and investor solutions.

We offer a full range of Industrial Services. We are not just a service provider; we are a business advocate. It is our passion to deliver value driven solutions and minimize corporate risk.  As a Phoenix commercial real estate firm, we deliver personal attention and service that is not dictated by the confines of institutional brokerage companies. Due to our business philosophy and business model, we allocate unparalleled time and resources to each client. Our clients need long term real estate advisory services coupled with industry knowledge for their growth and sustainability. This level of service and commitment is what we pride ourselves on.

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate
Phoenix Commercial Real Estate
Phoenix Commercial Real Estate
Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

Industry Specialties:


Production and Manufacturing facilities are as specific as the products being developed within them. Whether Heavy Industrial or Light Manufacturing uses, each Industrial facility offers value based on location, power availabilities, special handling, outdoor manufacturing, crane-way, clear-heights, floor capacities, energy efficiencies, and many more. Whether an Owner/Landlord or Buyer/Tenant, The Menlo Group helps discover the needs and values to define the most economical solutions for capitalization and expenditures to fit within the desired parameters.


With specific needs in pharmaceuticals, laboratory, and medical-devices, our team understands the policies and manufacturing requirements that dictate the feasibility of facility use and value.  Our career experience working with Fortune 500 Bio-Tech Institutions such as Medtronic, Inc. enables us to more specifically understand our clients needs and deliver solutions in an ever changing Health System.


Integrated technologies, fabrication, clean-rooms, laboratories, and office needs dictate the functionality and value of each property Micro-Technology use. After working in Micro-Technology  environments, we understand the value found in each component of the industry.


As the needs of our Travel, Defense, Space, and Security continue to change, so do the requirements of the facilities that supply those needs.  With a former contract at Honeywell, Inc. we understand the aviation  contracts, growth, and management needs.


In a world of rapidly changing procuring and distribution methods, costs are consistently being challenged.  These costs are affected by location, facilities, management, fuel costs, labor costs, and the list goes on.  As these demands grow so do error and inefficiencies unless properly managed.  Our desire is help facilitate a holistic approach of delivering economical facility solutions.

Food Facilities

Requirements from the US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Corporate retail policies, and local health codes dictate the requirements on Food Facilities.  Working with several commercial food production/distribution companies, Menlo Group markets and represents local and   national Food Suppliers, Production Companies, and Food Related Facilities.

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

Proven Process

At Menlo Group, we take the time to discover all factors regarding every transaction in order to provide the most strategic and fiscally responsible decision available using our proprietary process. Just as every player on the field has a vital role and impact on the overall score, every component of an investment or business model controls the overall success of the transaction.