We Know the Market!

Dental CRE Podcast


When leasing or purchasing dental real estate you need an experienced and skilled expert in dental commercial real estate to foresee potential threats and pinpoint new opportunities for you and your business. Menlo’s professional approach to tenant representation based on our extensive commercial real estate proficiency helps us carefully consider the market conditions, your dental business needs, and your best negotiating position. We work with you to create and execute effective solutions that meet your specific objectives.

We Specialize in Dental Commercial Real Estate. We have access to all property information and our geographic focus ensures we are aware of the deals on and off the market.

We are Expert Negotiators! We have taken MBA level Negotiation Courses and have received the highest level of certification in negotiation. We build upon that knowledge through Continuing Education Classes and Negotiation Workshops.

We Save You Money! What is your time worth? If you collect on average $900,000 per year, then your hourly is approximately $432 per hour. $432 x 45 hours (the average amount of time it takes to complete a transaction)= $19,471 in saved time.

We Do Deals! Over the last 12 months, we have completed hundreds of transactions and continue to help our clients receive additional market concessions including Free Rent, Tenant Improvements, and Lower Rates.

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